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Weekend Reader for Sunday, Dec. 3
Sunday December 03rd 2017, 1:19 PM

The Senate has passed its tax reform bill over criticism that most Americans will lose ground. So might the Alaskan environment: Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was a late convert to the bill when she attached a rider clearing the way for

oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

. And a

piece in the Atlantic

mulls how native villages could thrive or suffer if drilling is increased.

Ironic, since other reports show Arctic ice off the Alaskan coast

at record early winter lows


A nice piece for Sunday brunch


Mobile Bay Magazine on oyster farmers

and their need for clean, fresh water. Alabama, Georgia, and Florida have been battling for 20 years about water use.



Andrew Freedman: The pick for

top science advisor

sticks out like a sore thumb among other Trump nominees — he thinks global warming isn’t a hoax.

And EPA’s

program to assess chemical risks

is facing the budget chopping block.

EPA dropped an Obama-era rule requiring

mining companies

to prove that they have the financial means to clean up after themselves.

As if to prove that a lack of self-awareness is a political asset, convicted coal baron

Don Blankenship

is spending money on a campaign to get elected West Virginia’s next U.S. Senator.

Generally, we’re not the place to come for good news, but we’re more than happy to share it when it comes around.

We thought we’d revisit this piece from summer on the promise of satellite technology to help monitor illegal logging, mining, and poaching, as well as offering more reliable data on some wildlife populations and behavior. Richard Conniff’s

piece for Yale Environment 360

is hopeful, and doesn’t even get into the role of satellite monitoring of pirate fishing.

If climate denial were an Olympic event, James Delingpole would be a gold medal contender. But alas, he’ll have to settle for a denial merit badge for his

linking climate concern to the Nazis

. Shameless.

According to the Washington rumor mill, the long-anticipated departure of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may be at hand. The cruel irony for environmental advocates is that they may long for the day when the ExxonMobil lifer and former CEO was in charge at state.


potential replacement is CIA Director Mike Pompeo

. Tillerson was a voice of relative moderation in the Trump cabinet, though his push to keep the U.S. in the Paris climate accord failed.

In his three-term congressional career, Pompeo

earned a 4 percent rating

from the League of Conservation Voters. He has close ties to enviros’ worst nemeses, the Koch Brothers, and his Wichita, Kansas, district means he was literally the Kochs’ congressman.

A clever piece from Angus McCrone, chief editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, muses “If only I were a climate and clean energy skeptic. Then I could stop wasting time worrying about the planet.” Then he

demolishes the most common climate denial memes.

Check out other weekend newspaper editorials

on the pesticide




, among others (below).

And from our friends at Living On Earth, a new kind of divided Congress:

An interview with the co-founder of the House Climate Solutions Caucus

, whose 62 members are equally divided between Republicans and Democrats.

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